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Content Creation & Cryptocurrency Club of Rhode Island

About our club


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YouTubePVD is short for the YouTubePVD Content Creation & Cryptocurrency Club of Rhode Island. Its homepage is located at Its handbook is located at Its members mostly are residents of Rhode Island.

As the name implies, members of this club may be interested in cryptocurrencies, YouTube content creation, or both. Most members of YouTubePVD are involved only with content creation. Only a few of them are involved with cryptocurrencies.

You must not have any YouTube skills before joining the club. Members with the appropriate skills and equipment will produce the YouTube videos for your purposes.

Camera gear and a cameraman are provided by Ri4CTV through its YoutubePVD program for your use in and around Providence, Rhode Island. Film editing will be done free of charge when urgency is not involved. Unless otherwise requested, the resulting video will be posted on Ri4CTV.

You are not required to invest in cryptocurrencies in order to join the club. You may join the cryptocurrency program in YouTubePVD only for educational purposes.

Information about the the cryptocurrency program in YouTubePVD is presented on this page here.

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