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Content Creation & Cryptocurrency Club of Rhode Island

Cryptocurrency Club of Rhode Island

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About the Club

There are several groups in Rhode Island with members learning about or working with cryptocurrencies. One of them is the YouTubePVD Content Creation & Cryptocurrency Club of Rhode Island.

As the name implies, members of this club may be interested in cryptocurrencies, YouTube content creation, or both. Most members of YouTubePVD are involved only with content creation. Only a few of them are involved with cryptocurrencies.

Information about content-creation members are presented elsewhere. The rest of this page is about the members who are into cryptocurrencies.

The First Three Cryptocurrency Members

The first three YouTubePVD members who are interested in both cryptocurrencies and content creation are Alec Mustafayev (right), Norman D. Baker (left), and Nickantony Quach (center). In late October 2020, they began their cryptocurrency journey. Ending on the last day of November, its first leg involves 7 pairs of buying and selling transactions, as captured by the following image. Each pair is referred to as a cryptohaircut. Here are 7 examples.

Using the initial investment of a little over ten thousand dollars, they bought and sold Bitcoin currency units (BTC). As shown on row 1 for the first cryptohaircut, at first they bought only 1% (see D1) of one BTC for $119 (see E1). Five weeks later (see J1), they sold the same amount of BTC and made $55 in profit (K1 – E1).

As shown on row 3, they bought about one third (see D3) of BTC for $6006 (see E3). Two weeks later (see J3), they sold the same amount of BTC and made $389 in profit (K3 – E3). In the end, after seven cryptohaircuts, they made about $600 over a period of five weeks.

What if they made $1200 per month from cryptohaircuts? That’s about the same amount of cash Alec makes every month in 2020 from Wendy’s the fast food restaurant chain. Apparently they’re on their way in learning how to do cryptohaircuts such that their members would not have to go to work in order to make a living.

By the way, they’re also interested in having more members in their club. It’s always more fun to do it with others.

Contact Information

Ask Nickantony Quach for further information

Public Information

DISCLAIMER: The following articles are dated and some of the information may be a speculation, outdated, or even incorrect.

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