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Content Creation & Cryptocurrency Club of Rhode Island

What’s Cryptohaircut? What’s Daycut?

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1 | What is a Cryptohaircut?

A cryptohaircut is a pair of actions. The first action is to buy an amount of cryptocurrency at a lower price. The second action is to sell what was bought at a higher price.

2 | What is a Daycut?

A daycut is a cryptohaircut whose buying and selling actions are carried on the same day.

3 | Daycut Demonstration

The table below shows an example of a daycut in the Bitcoin market. The buying action is carried out at 8:10 AM whereas the selling is carried out at 10:25 AM. The profit of $1,250.87 (6.87%) is the difference between the buying price and the selling price.

Time BTC Action
8:10 AM $18218.51 Buy
10:25 AM $19,469.38 Sell

The above figures are based on actual market data as captured by the following buying- and selling-opportunity images.

4 | Buying Opportunity Image

5 | Selling Opportunity Image



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